My name is Samuel Ahuacatitan. After many years of being employed and saving capital, I decided to start MAQDEC Industrial, an industrial machinery manufacturing company.  I didn’t have any experience in business when I decided to do this. Without proper guidance, my business quickly started to take a turn for the worse, and all my savings were soon depleted. My morale hit rock bottom. My business was a complete failure and I didn’t know why.

It was during this discouraging time when I learned about the Academy. I was serving as a Stake President, and felt a spiritual prompting that this could not only be the key to rescuing my business, but could also help me better serve my Stake. I drove a bus for 2 hours to the Academy campus to ask permission to be accepted as the oldest student in it’s first pilot program.   

While attending the Academy, my eyes were opened to all of the mistakes I didn’t even know I was making. The way I kept records, the way I managed my employees, and the inefficient ways I was ran my systems, are just a few of them. More importantly, the Academy helped change my attitude, and gave me the confidence to succeed that I never had before.  

Three years later, my business has not only been rescued, it has exploded. Now, I manage five small agencies across Mexico in five different states, and conduct international business with Nicaragua, Cuba, and Argentina. Now I feel confident about the future that I will create for myself, for my family, and for those I serve in the Church.  

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