The Academy Offers Post-Training Support

Reason for Post-Training Support

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has begun to implement an expanded Self-Reliance Initiative in developing countries. One component of the new program is a series of 12 trainings under the name Starting and Growing My Business. The Church sought and now utilizes much of the Academy’s curriculum and experience in developing this new program. We are delighted to see the Academy’s pioneering research and curriculum development now being greatly expanded through the worldwide reach of the Church. We continue to work closely with the Church in the countries we have been serving and consistent with this new program have adjusted our focus to complement their efforts.

Fifteen years of experience has taught us that “necessity entrepreneurs” exposed to good business concepts without ongoing support and problem-solving resources find it very difficult to succeed in their new ventures. Consequently, several years ago we started organizing ACE Support Chapters for our graduates to help them succeed. Today we have 200 chapters meeting monthly providing graduates with critical additional training, mentoring and encouragement.

What We Will Do

In close consultation with those directing the Church’s Self-Reliance Initiative, the Academy is increasing its focus on this ongoing support system for the graduates of both the original Academy training and the Starting and Growing My Business initiative. Support is offered through:

  • Expanding and improving our 197 chapter network which meet monthly in the Philippines, Mexico, and Peru. Also we provide these chapters’ leaders support through training videos, manuals and other materials that help them run their chapters successfully.
  • Providing an advanced level training curriculum, ACE Your Business 201, available only to those who have started a business, and
  • Expanding our peer-to-peer mentoring system: a program where Academy and Starting and Growing My Business graduates mentor each other in their respective businesses. This program is administered through the chapters.

We will also continue to host conferences and recognition events where entrepreneurial successes are recognized and ideas are shared. These have proven to be very motivational and helpful to our graduates.

We will continue to work closely with the Church’s Self-Reliance directors and Area Presidencies responsible for our countries of influence. They acknowledge the significant positive impact Academy programs have had on their Church members. They have invited us to meet with the Church’s Starting and Growing My Business graduates to invite them to participate in our ongoing support structure. They are also making Church buildings available for our use in all countries we serve.

Below is the Link to manuals and lessons that are part of the Church’s self-reliance initiative


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