Hi, I’m Peter Caro. I was born into a poor family, and after getting married, my wife and I continued to struggle in poverty. I attempted to make a living using a tricycle as a taxi, but it didn’t generate enough money for my family and I. Eventually I heard about the Academy for Creating Enterprise, and I had a strong spiritual prompting that it may help me rise out of my financial hole. While at the Academy, I discovered an opportunity to supervise a Cellular City franchise with borrowed money from family and friends. As I began to apply the principles I had learned at the Academy, I started to see success success from my cell phone franchise.

After time and hard work, I was able to take things to the next level. From the capital I generated from the franchise, I have since opened a travel agency with 93 franchises and 18 employees, seven of which are LDS. In addition, I have launched a large printing business with two fully-operational branches and six employees, as well as a shipping business with five employees.

I owe all my success to hard work, the support of my wife and the Lord, creativity, and the things that I learned while attending the Academy for Creating Enterprise.

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