Milestone of 11,000 Graduates World-wide

The Academy for Creating Enterprise recently reached 11,000 graduates world-wide with more individuals completing ACE courses each month.

Many of these graduates, nearly 2,000 each month, meet in Academy support chapters. These chapters are small groups, normally between 10-20 people per group, which meet together to provide peer-to-peer mentoring. During chapter meetings, graduates receive additional business training and support to start and grow their own businesses. For example, during chapter meetings, an aspiring mechanic shop owner can meet with an established mechanic to be mentored as they begin their business. As you can imagine, access to, and participation in, these chapters greatly increase the chances for business success and self-reliance of families.

Currently, there are 135 chapters in the Philippines, 67 chapters in Mexico, and 17 chapters in Peru providing this necessary support for our 11,000 graduates.

We, along with our graduates, thank generous supporters and friends of the Academy who make Academy courses and support groups possible.


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