My name is Israel Limon. I experimented with a tortilla business before coming to the Academy, but it was not growing and sales were plummeting. While taking the six-week course, I was very inspired by the 25 Rules of Thumb. I realized that there were so many things I was doing wrong, and so many things that I could do better. The first thing I did after graduating was print the Rules of Thumb on two charts and put one in my home and another at work. Soon after, I had the idea to implement a system for my employees to deliver fresh tortillas directly by motorcycle, and my clientele began growing very quickly. Within a few short months, I was able to open up 2 more tortilla shops in different locations, with a total of 14 employees. All 10 of my brothers and sisters are returned missionaries and my goal is that each one of them will have the opportunity to attend the Academy.

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