Breaking New Ground in Africa

The Academy has officially begun to develop its pilot program in Africa. Currently, it has two chapters established in Zimbabwe, (Harare and Marimba), with a total of 78 African Latter Day Saints enrolled.

These pilot students are being mentored and instructed via internet by a team of six interns at BYU who have served missions in Africa and are interested in Micro Enterprise Education.

Reports Africa Intern Team Lead Matzen Shirley, “The Africa Pilot team is picking up speed. Our Zimbabwean chapter members, and friends are excited and are full of energy—the ball is now rolling.” 

wp-content-uploads-2013-02-steve-in-africaAcademy Board Member Steve Mann visits the Harare chapter to meet the students and conduct special trainings.






In the past month the interns have developed a system to facilitate consistent and meaningful contact with the Zimbabwean alumni. Using the internet and social media, they have found a way to conduct follow-up training sessions, as well as assist the two Chapter presidents in Harare and Marimba.

Continues Shirley, “Our vision is to create a training model that will not only enable us to reach out to the thousands of potential Academy graduates living on the vast continent of Africa, but also to develop a system that will be replicated and used to reach many more of God’s children through out the world”

Looking to the future, the Academy is excited at the prospect of seeing the same growth in Africa as it has seen in its Philippines and Mexico programs , and the huge potential impact it could have on economic conditions in Africa.


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