Mexico Chapters

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Q: What are chapters?

A: Chapters are the local units where alumni meet after graduating.  Unlike the Philippines, Mexico still maintains its focus on its Residential Campus (Mexico City), where students come from all over Mexico to take the initial, intensive six-week course. However, as the number of graduates grows and the Academy’s influence spreads throughout Mexico, the focus will eventually shift away from this and towards the chapters. 

Q: Where do Academy graduates meet, and how often?

A: They meet once a month in LDS chapels. 

Q: What is the purpose of the meetings?

A: The meetings serve a variety of functions. One is simply to maintain contact. Because the behavioral change required to permanently shift unhealthy paradigms requires time and consistency, it is important for graduates to meet consistently to keep each others’ energy alive, and to monitor progress towards their respective entrepreneurial goals.  Another purpose is to participate in trainings to reinforce learned principles as well as teach new ones. 

Q: What do the trainings consist of?

A: The trainings include discussions  of educational videos and case studies, as well as assigned trainings by chapter leaders. The educational videos are given to them directly from the Provo headquarters, and specific videos are assigned for specific dates to be used as springboards for discussion. (These videos consist of entrepreneurs and/or professors who teach for 10-12 minutes about a specific business principle.) The business cases they discuss are also supplied from Headquarters. Most importantly, they spend a considerable amount of time discussing the problems they are currently facing , and try to help each other analyze HOW to overcome them. Monthly reports of these meetings are sent to Provo headquarters and analyzed by BYU professors and BYU graduates students.